Long-time Secretary of the Senate Annette Moore at her command post in the center of the Senate chamber.
Credit: Lee Benson, Deseret News

In Memory of Annette Moore

Annette Moore spent over four decades in service to the State of Utah, first as a secretary for the Board of Education, then as Secretary of the Senate. She served Senate Presidents Arnold Christensen, Lane Beattie, Lyle Hillyard, Al Mansell, John Valentine, and Michael Waddoups. Her dedication to her job and the people with whom she worked, along with her understanding of the technical intricacies of the legislative process, were unparalleled. With little public fanfare, she accomplished the work of the senate with quiet humor, and sincere humility. On behalf of the people of the State of Utah, we offer our heartfelt appreciation for her service and our sincere condolences to her family and loved ones.

–Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser

Annette Moore, a true professional.

As I came to the senate, Annette greeted me warmly and began immediately to teach me and to help me do my job. She never objected to the freshman questions I asked and she almost always had a bit of sage advice to add regarding my inquiry.

As I found myself in leadership she became a great resource helping me lead the senate. She knew all the rules, almost all by memory and when it was needed, she could get to the reference almost immediately. She was always helping others be better prepared and never wanted anything but for the senate to look professional and representative of the good men and women elected to serve the citizens of Utah.

Annette was respected nationally by her peers and she kept up to date with her education so that she was always indispensable. Annette’s personality was such that everyone liked her and respected her for her knowledge and her friendship. We will miss you Annette.

–Former Senate President Michael Waddoups

All my memories of Annette Moore are good. She was a significant source of help through my initial years in the senate. Later, when I became senate president, her advice and expertise became invaluable. Annette kept the Chamber organized, and consistent, and made sure that everything we did was done in accordance with the rules. Utah was well served by this kind, consistent, dedicated individual. She will certainly be missed.

–Al Mansell Former Utah Senate President

I had the privilege of working with and for both Annette and her mother Sophia Buckmiller who served as Secretary of the Senate just before Annette. There was no question from where Annette learned her people skills, love for the Senate and our rules, and the proper decorum for anyone representing the Utah Senate including our own Senators. Annette never said much in public but privately she would kindly remind anyone the least out of line what was expected of someone representing the Senate snd the people of Utah we represented. When asked a question, she would always take the time to fully answer the concern and we all moved on knowing we had the right answer. She knew the written and unwritten rules of the Senate without question. From her seat in the circle, she was always observing and helping.

We were all sorry when she retired but knew of her equally great commitment to her husband and his health challenges. It was not a retirement to relaxation and travel but continued service.

Annette was basically a silent servant who knew what to say and what to do to make a very complex body like the Utah State Senate function unbelievably well. Just saying Thanks doesn’t seem enough.

–Lyle Hillyard, Current Senator, Former Utah Senate President

Madam Secretary, you have adjourned Sine Die. Your business in this world has been completed.

Although in public life, you were Madam Secretary of the Utah Senate, in private life you were my great friend and mentor. In the fourteen years we served together, you were always the quiet confident one, even when things got a bit rough. I would come to you when weighted down with great decisions that had to be made. You would listen, smile and say: “I know you will make the right decision. I trust you.” And that is what it took to give me the confidence to make hard choices.

You promised to stay as Secretary of the Senate until I was no longer President . . . And you kept that promise. You were in the room when important decisions of the state were made. You met with great leaders of our day. Yet, you always seems to go about you work without much acclaim or recognition. You were one of the greats, in the line of great leaders who made the Utah Senate successful.

You will be missed until we commence again in another session in a different season of the continuity of life.

–Former Utah Senate President John L. Valentine

Annette Moore was a quiet, steady influence in Utah government for decades. She is an unsung patriot and hero. The senate relied on her professional ability, institutional memory, and knowledge of legislative procedure, but we loved her for her fun sense of humor, good spirit, and genuine friendship. She provided a sense of family and continuity for a diverse army of people that made the legislative process run smoothly – in Utah and around the nation. In a very real way, she gave her life for our democratic process – not in a single moment of valor, but in a thousand smart and quiet acts of service over a lifetime’s career. We will miss her and we will always remember and appreciate her significant contribution.

–Ric Cantrell, Utah Senate Chief of Staff

Supervisor, mentor and cherished friend. Truly changed, better and blessed through my association with Annette Moore. She exemplified a loving care and concern for others and for life. She believed in her opportunity and responsibility to God and man. Her actions reflected her core beliefs. Annette valued and treasured the institution of the Utah State Senate. I personally witnessed years of her desire to contribute to a goodness in government. So grateful to and for this wonderful lady!

–Leslie McLean, Utah Senate Secretary

When I worked for the State Senate from 2007-2010, Annette Moore was the beating heart of the organization. Such a loving and compassionate person, who knew more about the rules of the legislature than anyone I’ve ever met. I was constantly impressed with her knowledge and understanding of the process.

But regardless of her professional demeanor, she was always a great friend to me. I have no family in Utah and Annette always treated me like a daughter. She was so kind and loving that many did not know how fiercely strong and protective she was. She was my shoulder to cry on and my constant cheerleader as I started my career at the Capitol. I always thought of Annette as family and was deeply saddened to hear of her passing. She spent so much of her life serving others and I hope she is able to be at peace now.

–Laura Barlow Majority Assistant, Utah State Senate, 2007-2010

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