Day 18 of the 62nd Legislature! Pastor Roy Gruber of the Washington Heights Church offered the opening prayer and Senator Henderson lead the pledge of allegiance.

It was our pleasure to hear a special musical number from the Tony award winning singer and actor and Utah resident, Alfie Boe. Each year during the Utah Legislative session, the federal delegation is invited to speak to the Utah Senate and give a report on their activities in Washington D.C. Today, we were honored to hear from Congressman Chris Stewart and Congressman Jason Chaffetz. Congressman Stewart spoke about the need for greater civility and graciousness in our discourse. Congressman Chaffetz reported on his recent conversation with President Trump and his efforts on various reforms including the postal service and the tax code.


Most Utahns support Sen. Weiler’s pornography lawsuit bill | Salt Lake Tribune | KSL

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Senator Fillmore’s “equity pupil unit” which give more money to poorer schools passes the Senate | KUTV | Salt Lake Tribune

Senator Shiozawa’s helmet bill would raise the age required to wear a helmet from 18 to 21 | KSL


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