Friday, Day 19 of the 2017 Legislative session, and National Umbrella Day! Alex Lambert offered the opening prayer and Senator Bramble lead the pledge of allegiance. In celebration of National Umbrella Day (we think that is a real thing…) Here is a clip of Senator Davis and an umbrella:

Today was a busy day on the floor. First, we heard from another member of our congressional delegation, Congressman Rob Bishop. He spoke on the importance of federalism and the “Article One Project” which transfers more power back to congress from the executive branch. Senator Okerlund led the Senate in honoring Utah’s snow removal crews and Alisha Keller – a brave citizen who literally stood between an attacker and her students. The Senate also passed a resolution calling on the Postmaster General to create a commemorative stamp honoring the brave Japanese men and women during World War II.

Today’s major policy debate was on marriage licensing. SB 29 is sponsored by Senator Christensen, this bill would increase marriage licenses by $20 then offer the couple a $20 rebate with recommended premarital education or counseling. With one of the closest votes yet on the floor, the bill passed 17-12 and will be debated again on the 3rd reading calendar.


Total Bills PASSED
Days of UTLEG Session Remaining
% LESS LIKELY to crash thanks to UT snow crews


Senator Weiler’s SB 185 advances from committee | Utah Political Capitol  | Salt Lake Tribune | Deseret News

Senate Transportation Committee unanimously approved Senator Harper’s bill to reform the agency’s elections and open meeting practices | Salt Lake Tribune

Senator Vicker’s is the Senate sponsor for a call to an Article 5 convention of the states | Deseret News

Join us every day after morning floor time for a media availability hosted in the Senate President’s office.  Every day you can have a front row seat -via YouTube- to a meeting with some of Utah’s most influential legislators and the press. As you tweet, email, and text in your questions for our senators and we’ll ask them live. Here’s the embed from today’s availability:


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