Day 24! Floor time today began with a prayer given by Rabbi David Levinsky of the Temple Har Shalom and the pledge by Senator Vickers. The Senate voted to confirm Judge Kent Holmberg to the Third District Court. We have officially begun having “House” and “Senate” days on the floor – meaning we focus only on bills from that legislative body. Today was a House Day.

One of the most notable bills debated on the floor today was  HB 11 ,  floor sponsored by Senator Dayton. The bill removes the political party requirement for certain appointed boards and commissions. Watch the great debates here and here.


Hours of Floor Time Today
Bills Debated Today
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Senator’s proposed 3% boost in funding for education and eliminating licensing fees for teachers | Utah Policy | Deseret News | Tribune

Senator Adams’ SJR 13 says private investment could fix for Utah’s infrastructure Utah Policy

Senator Dayton is floor sponsoring a bill that would pursue the creation of a new state park on federal land at Hole in the Rock | Salt Lake Tribune

Senator Knudson is the floor sponsor for a bill that would rename part of Mt. View Corridor in honor or Utah’s National Guard | Salt Lake Tribune

Senator Harper’s SB 198 would charge Utah telephone users to help upgrade 911 and public safety radio systems statewide | Salt Lake Tribune

Senator Vickers is the floor sponsor of HB 146  which would allow patients, doctors to request partial drug prescriptions | Deseret News

A number of election bills are seeking to address issues in last year’s elections | ABC 4

Join us every day after morning floor time for a media availability hosted in the Senate President’s office.  Every day you can have a front row seat -via YouTube- to a meeting with some of Utah’s most influential legislators and the press. As you tweet, email, and text in your questions for our senators and we’ll ask them live. Here’s the embed from today’s availability:


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