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Today the Senate voted on a substitute for S.B. 197 Refinery Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments. The substitute implements a $1.8 million tax incentive for refineries that move toward the production of Tier-3 fuel – a cleaner more efficient fuel for vehicles.

“Once fully implemented… This would be equivalent to taking four of every five cars off the road.”

So why is this a big deal? Well, currently vehicle emissions contribute about half of the emissions in Utah, which causes our air to be polluted and unhealthy. According to the Governor Herbert’s senior environmental advisor, Alan Matheson, “The impacts of Tier 3 are significant. The EPA asserts that no state would benefit more from Tier 3 than Utah. The Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) estimates that Tier 3 fuel will immediately reduce vehicle emissions in our existing fleet by roughly 7% to 11%. Once fully implemented, the Tier 3 vehicle and fuel standards will reduce… emissions by 80% …This would be equivalent to taking four of every five cars off the road.”

(See Alan Matheson full white paper on Tier 3 fuels here.)

For more information see UCAIR’s post “What You Need to Know About Tier 3


Keep your eye on Senator Adam’s SB 197 as it works through the process. The passage of this bill would be an incredible step forward for Utah air quality.