Milford Flats Fire ~ Utah, 7/11/7

Some of the pictures we took today. Click any of the pictures to enlarge.

I-15, near Cove Fort, Utah.

These Juniper Trees caught fire on Saturday. Four days later the embers still burn.

The fire burned to the edge of Cove Fort but did not engulf the historic buildings . . .

. . . or the trailer park from which Cove Fort volunteers were evacuated.

Dick Buehler gives a status report.

The man in the blue shirt is Rowdy Muir, Incident Commander, in charge of coordinating federal, state, and local agency action. Next to him is Dennis Stowell and an official from the BLM.

Senators Darin Peterson, Margaret Dayton, and Dennis Stowell.

Rowdy Muir and Darin Peterson at the tent city in Milford.

Preparing to board the helicopter.


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