Your Government 2.0 Lab

The Utah State Senate is committed to making government work the way it was envisioned: a stable republic maintained by an informed, engaged citizenry. Web 2.0 offers a few new tools that might help.

Welcome to the experiment.

:: The Senate Site (.com): the award-winning blog site. Est. 2005.

:: Senate Radio: our podcast.

:: SenateMobile: text updates from the senate.

:: The Senate Channel: great collection of short videos on YouTube.

:: SenateCam: a user-controlled web cam stationed in various senate locations.

:: SenateLive: live-streaming video for press conferences and special events.

:: Twitter Site: tweets from the senate.

:: Utah Senate on Facebook.

:: Legislative Town Meeting: experiment using web 2.0 technology during a 2007 site visit.

:: Senate Floor Debate : historic archive (audio and now video) of discussion on the senate floor.

:: Committee Meeting Podcast: you can visit any committe's info page to subscribe to the RSS feed.

And of course there's more to explore . Welcome to Government 2.0.

Got ideas? We'd love to hear them. If you are on LinkedIn, consider joining Government 2.0, a network of citizens and professionals exploring the use of New Media tools in government communication.

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