The Senate Site Senate Journal: March 4, 2013

Senate Journal: March 4, 2013

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Day 35 is over. Whew.The math is easy. 45 – 35 = as many days left as most people have fingers.

Today on the Hill, Elder Gene R. Chidester of the Quorum of Seventy of the LDS church gave the opening prayer for a busy 35th day of the Session.

We honored John Nord of UDOT today on the floor with a citation.  John is the Executive Director of UDOT, and is retiring after 25 years of service [including 12 as the E.D.].

Press conferences were held by both opponents and supporters of SB71, Results Based Financing for Early Childhood Education.  Materials/videos of the pressers are included here at the Senate Site: HERE for Support, and HERE for Opposition.

A press conference unveiling Senator Stuart Adams’ SB275, “Energy Amendments” was also held today… on a school bus.  HERE is a post which includes a video of the presser, as well as news links and materials.  HERE is an article by Senator Adams which includes a quick synopsis of what the bill aims to do.  [The wheels on the bus go round-and-round, round-and-round…]

SB72 re: Prison Relocation received a lot of debate on the floor today.  The bill was substituted, and then circled.  You can check out the most recent version of the bill, as well as floor debates and the fiscal note at > bills > SB0072.

Over the weekend, Senator Kevin Van Tassell celebrated a birthday.  Here’s to wishing him many more years of legislative bills. [I mean bliss…]

Today’s Flickr Albums – Sunshine, and People of the Senate.

Today’s Senate Smiles Album includes birthday parties, karaoke-ing Representatives and interns, LDS church leaders on school busses, and lots of general happiness. Check it out.

Links we Like:

– PoliticIt hosts a post from Daniel Burton re: the Price of Politics – Bob Woodward v. the White House.

– The D New’s Benjamin Wood wonders: Do Utah lawmakers’ bills advance overall goals?

– Senator Allen Christensen is receiving both praise and criticism today for a comment re: Abortion and Cockfighting.  Coverage here and here and here.  And here.

– The Sutherland Institute’s Dave Buer writes on marriage and society here.

– Utah Political Capitol is wondering what we’re doing about healthcare.  An interesting take on the issue from Mr. Robert Gehrke.

– The House is wondering whether or not they can ‘vote yes, no, or take a walk‘.  They decided they’d better think about it a little more.  [Maybe they should take a walk to clear their heads a bit.]

Latest coverage of PRADA, Prison Relocation by Brooke Adams of the SL Trib.

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 Rise and Shine for tomorrow morning’s Standing Committees:

Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment

Transportation, Public Utilities, and Technology


TTFN, ta-ta for now!


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