The Senate Site Senate Journal: March 6, 2015

Senate Journal: March 6, 2015

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It’s Friday and we’re in lovewith the fact that we’re about to go home and the sun is still up!

Today on the Hill… As usual, our day has been pretty busy– a lot of hefty legislation was discussed.

During morning floor time: We were glad to welcome Sharlene Hawkes to give our opening prayer and we were visited by a number of school groups up in the Gallery. We went through a lot of house bills and were able to get to a few senate bills as well.

During our daily media briefing we talked about Medicaid, anti-discrimination and religious freedom, and gas tax. Oh my! We had a great discussion as Senator Shiozawa, Senator Dabakis, Senator Adams and Senator Urquhart were there. Things got a little entertaining, or as someone said:

We had two questions sent in, and as always, it’s always fun to hear from our viewers. If you missed today, don’t worry, you still have until Thursday next week to join us!

During afternoon floor time: Senator Jenkins’ much debated bill from last night on licensing amendments for plumbing (SB242), was deliberated briefly. It passed and is on its way to the house.

Senator Bramble presented 1HJR7, the rules were suspended and it passed the second and third reading calendar and onto the house, with a vote of 15-13.

A historic moment: Senator Urquhart and Senator Adams presented SB296 this afternoon. Lots of good debate – lots of heart-felt discussion. Here’s a quick guide on the bill. The vote was 23 yes, 5 no.

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– House Democrats made one more effort to revive Healthy Utah, last night. It failed with 16-56. There were a lot of twists and turns in last night’s debate, so read them here.

SB296 and SB297, by Senator Adams and Senator Urquhart, has been a major topic of discussion. This article explains specific aspects of the bill dealing with county clerks and same-sex marriages.

 – SB245, by Senator Millner, would make grading optional for schools that cater to students with special needs. Members of the Senate Education Committee approved the bill on Thursday.

– KUER’s View from the Gallery is always fun, as it gives a great summary of the week. Watch this weeks’ episode.

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