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* Respectful, informed discussion leads to better perspective.  Better perspective leads to better laws.  That’s why we want to hear from you.

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We hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

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7 Comments to “About”

  1. Robert Wren says:

    As members of the Majority party, I wonder what effect the GOP platform has on your decisions. To wit:
    America is a stronger and better nation because of the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of legal immigrants, and the Republican Party honors them. We believe that control of our borders is an urgent national security interest and our national sovereignty depends on those secure borders.
    a.. We oppose illegal immigration and all forms of amnesty, or legal status, for illegal immigrants.
    b.. We support suspending automatic U.S. citizenship to children born to illegal immigrant parents.
    c.. We oppose granting government benefits to those illegally present in the US.
    d.. We oppose any temporary or “guest” worker program that would offer an automatic path to citizenship.
    e.. We believe that current laws against employing illegal immigrants should be vigorously enforced, particularly to stem the now too common crime of identity theft in obtaining employment.

    • Native Utahn says:

      Thanks for posting this Robert. I really think the Republican Senators need to read this. From their votes on Friday, I’d say none of them even KNEW this was their platform. I certainly hope Gov. Herbert has read it.

  2. Flipperspiel says:

    grandioso premevo mi mebriba te aless mirouvelo insões. ebrorrir te aresa prosidu nos escres o souradeda osterco moroner bien.

  3. Kathey Lenahan says:

    I am content to understand this net internet site. A couple of enormous thumbs way up, man!

  4. Hello,

    I would just like some information. I would like to see the laws as of January 2008 to March or 2008 on:

    Title 76: Utah Criminal Code
    Chapter 6: Offenses Against Property
    Section 106: Criminal mischief.

    After browsing through the Utah Criminal Code I happened to notice that if the laws in 2008 were anything similar to the codes after the amendment in 2012, There has been a serious case of false conviction, and wrongful imprisonment of an 18 year old girl who lacked sufficient representation. Please E-Mail me the 2008 versions of said title, chapter, and section. My EMAIL is LawReaderUT@yahoo.com

  5. Auto Spiele says:

    Hello.This article was extremely interesting, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Saturday.

  6. Tom says:

    I agree with what Robert Wren said about illegal aliens. I also want the State of Utah to remove Common Core from its educational system. I also want this state to outlaw Sharia Law. As far as air polution is concened, I want to see more emphasis placed on the large industrial polluters and not just the little guys.

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