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On Becky Lockhart’s Passing

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By Wayne Niederhauser
Utah Senate President

It is difficult to find the words to convey the sadness and loss that we feel with the passing of Speaker Becky Lockhart.

Becky was an outstanding legislator and a great friend. Her influence for good will be felt for many years to come. I enjoyed working with her on important issues that face our state. We served together as the co-chairs of several committees and as leaders of our legislative bodies. Consequently, we communicated often. I experienced first-hand her passion for policy, principle and good government. Though she was fiery at times, Becky was pleasant and good humored.

Speaker Lockhart was an uncommon leader. I was particularly impressed with her consistent voice for a fair and honest process. She was a woman of strength, character and commitment. I witnessed continually her resistance to power exercised inappropriately, whether that was federal encroachment, bureaucratic behavior or attempts to game the legislative process.

Speaker Lockhart’s passing is a sobering reminder of our mortality and the unpredictable nature of our lives. We should be grateful for every day and the important things of life like our family and relationships. Let us always remember and rededicate ourselves to those elements that truly matter.

I am grateful to have had the chance to work closely with Speaker Lockhart. She will be greatly missed.

Our continued prayers are with Stan, Hannah, Emily, Stephen, and close friends and family of the Lockhart’s.


If you have memories of Speaker Lockhart to share, please consider Emailing them to For more information, please visit the House of Representatives’ blog site.


January 17, 2015

Former Speaker Rebecca Lockhart Passes Away

Former Speaker Rebecca Lockhart passed away in her home shortly after noon today from an unrecoverable and extremely rare neurodegenerative brain disease. She was 46.

“She was at peace and surrounded by her family,” said family spokesman Curt Bramble. “It’s a credit to world-class doctors and Becky’s indomitable spirit that they were able to have these past days together with her.”

“The outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts continue to help sustain the family, and they thank everyone for their support,” Bramble said.

Rebecca Lockhart served in the Utah House of Representatives for 16 years, including the last four as Speaker of the House.

She is survived her husband, Stan, and three children, Hannah, Emily and Stephen; her parents Jerald and Gretchen Tower, and four siblings, Carrie Castillo, Lara Millington, Matt Tower, and Sam Tower.

The family continues to ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.

*Link to press release here.



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