The Senate Site Senator Dayton: Guns, students & self-reliance

Senator Dayton: Guns, students & self-reliance

Posted in 2012 on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 4:22 PM 3 Comments

By Margaret Dayton
Utah State Senator, District 15

Some thoughts on guns: I am a supportive member of the NRA (National Rifle Association).  I appreciate all of the good that David Keene, Cam Edwards, Wayne LaPierre and the gang do to promote the significance of the Second Amendment. I believe my record shows me to be a strong proponent of the natural human right to self defense.  However, I have to take exception with Mr. LaPierre’s suggestion that the way to stop violence in schools is to put a member of law enforcement in each school.

Why would we want another layer of government in the schools?

Having several self-selected armed teachers, administrators, and other school personnel makes more sense.  Maniacs and criminals would not know who is, or is not, prepared to defend themselves and their students.

Making that information public makes no sense. Nor does publishing lists of gun owners or lists of permit holders make any sense. Postings of Gun-free Zones are advertisements to crazies that they are free to inflict damage without being confronted by someone prepared to stop them.

Being prepared for the unexpected is common sense. That, of course, is why dignitaries and high profile members of society have security.

I started this new year with some serious target practice at the home of my cousin in his indoor range (undisclosed location).  I was breaking no laws in doing so – – – but I was coming close to breaking a commandment! There is a commandment about not coveting – – – and I was coming close by being jealous of that private range.

[Update, 1/23/13:]

One of my constituents sent me this link:

I thought the information was valuable & wanted to share.

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3 Comments to “Senator Dayton: Guns, students & self-reliance”

  1. Cameron C says:

    I agree and don’t understand how this is not common sense in washington.

  2. Rick B says:

    The idea of “trained/capable” people inside a school with weapons is an idea worthy of consideration. With the large amount of ex-military, NRA members and shooting enthusiasts in this state, implementation would be relatively simple. That is if the feds can be kept out of the process. Single point check-in and entry points guarded by parents and concerned citizens after clearance by districts just makes sense. Myself and many friends I have talked to about this and agree. It would also help if NRA sponsored programs could be provided to students who don’t have weapons inside of their home on how to treat a “found” firearm” would be a help too……. Law enforcement by itself would be helpful, but a liability to budgets with the tough times schools already have with money. A citizen/school program put in place to protect our children is something that with all the crazies i the world is an idea who’s time has come to Utah and mainstream America. And yes, coveting any good shooting range is always a problem when there are fewer and fewer places to shoot here in Utah!

  3. Joe Taylor says:

    If ever there were an issue or area that screamed out for LOCAL leadership, this is it. Not wanting to waste any tragedy, the Federal politicians want to control yet another aspect of our lives with some amazingly absurd restrictions and requirements–all the while ignoring the horrendous ongoing murder rate in places like Chicago and other jurisdictions where the liberals rule. More and more, survival of core values and effective methods will depend on those who are committed to states’ rights and maintenance of fundamental freedoms. Don’t sit around and watch self-serving charlatans at the Federal level make all the rules and set all the boundaries. Let the east coast and Mexifornia have their own guidelines and insolvencies, and let’s work for some genuine sanity here in the mountain west.

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