The Senate Site Today’s #UtEd Task Force meeting in a nutshell

Today’s #UtEd Task Force meeting in a nutshell

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Today the Education Task Force met at length to discuss Utah’s educational landscape, including:

An Education Data Overview: Demographic, achievement, outcome, and fiscal data for students in Utah’s public K-12 and higher education systems.

The Utah Data Alliance: Members of the state agencies that comprise the Utah Data Alliance (UDA), which include the Utah State Office of Education, Utah System of Higher Education, Utah College of Applied Technology, Department of Workforce Services, Utah Education Network, and the Utah Education Policy Center at the University of Utah, presented information to the task force on the Statewide Longitudinal Data System and activities of the UDA.

66% by 2020: The task force heard from representatives of Prosperity 2020, a business-led organization that is spearheading an initiative to promote 66% of the state’s adult population having some postsecondary training, certification, or degree by 2020. The task force also heard from education leaders who are working to implement an increase in post-secondary education attainment.

Perspectives on Student Achievement: Education stakeholders shared with the task force their perspectives on the foundational principles or elements of student achievement and how to design an education system that best promotes these elements. *Not all stakeholders were able to present due to time constraints.  They’ll be moved to the next meeting.

Want to catch up on what you missed? This link contains the notice, agenda, materials, and audio recordings from today’s meeting.

[Update:] Utah Moms Care offers their summary of the meeting HERE.

[Update 2:] The Deseret News’ coverage focuses on per-pupil spending and discussion on barriers to education outside the classroom.

[Update 3:] The SL Trib’s Lisa Schencker covers spending, task force goals, and single-parent homes.

AND thanks to the Twitterverse, you can catch up this way too. (Note: Opinions expressed are tweeter’s own. Well, most of them, anyway.)










































































Happy Thursday, y’all!


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