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Fallen Heroes

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Today the Senate had the distinct honor of recognizing the families of Utah’s fallen heroes.

Today, we are pausing for a moment in our actions to honor Utah’s fallen heroes and their families. These young people joined the armed forces to protect our lives and our freedoms. They didn’t sign up planning to give their lives, but that’s how it ended up. That’s how it worked out. My own faith assures me, and I wish to pass that assurance on to you, that death is not the end. It’s just a change. We all have to suffer the pain of separation. But, life goes on and fortunately, time softens that pain. I’m so grateful for that. To all of you families, we want to offer you thanks on behalf of a grateful state.

Christensen, Ryan Todd SPC | U.S. Army
Horton, Kolby Bryant SPC | Utah Army National Guard
Rhinehart, Austin Shawn PV2 | Utah Army National Guard
Heaps, William Garrett LTJG | U.S. Coast Guard
Ramsey, Alison Blair SGT | Utah Army National Guard
Pozernick, Cameron J. | U.S. Marines
Parker, Aaron Shawn SSgt | U.S. Air Force
Handley, James Ryan 1LT | Utah Air National Guard
Painter, John Derek SPC | U.S. Army
Avery, John Leslie SGT | U.S. Army
Campbell, Michael Ray HM3 (U.S. Navy
Tolman, Jared SPC | Utah Army National Guard
Morse, Jeromy James MSG | Utah Army National Guard
Lyon, David Benjamin SSG | U.S. Marines
Fox, Garrett Reilly PFC | U.S. Army
Colledge, Jake L SSG | Utah Army National Guard
Schultzman, Paul SFC | U.S. Army
Ramos, Derek Felipe SSgt | U.S. Air Force
McGehee, Nicolas Ryan SSG | U.S. Army

…Families, please forgive me if I pronounced any of the names or their grades incorrectly. I try to do this without thinking because I can’t see the page as soon as I start thinking about what it means to you, and what it means to us. On behalf of a grateful state of Utah, thank you so much for your sacrifices. You are in our prayers and our thoughts.

We are grateful for your losses. We truly pray that time will soften those losses for you all. Thank you so much. If we could have just a moment of silence on behalf of Utah’s fallen heroes.

We appreciate your presence and we wish it were under more happy conditions. You are all welcome to stay and watch the legislature perform it’s mundane duties, but compared to what you’re here for it seems very trivial the laws that we’re going to be dealing with today.

Thank you, thank you so much. – Senator Allen Christensen


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