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Updated Golden Rules

Posted in 2015 on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 10:34 AM 1 Comments

The Golden Rule Report, as it’s called at the #utleg = a count of all the bills we’re dealing with this session, and just where each of those bills currently reside. It helps members of leadership and others keep track of Senate Bills v. House Bills, so we can ‘do unto others…’… you get it. Here’s a little info (as of this morning), if you’re interested.

 Golden Rule 2

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1 Comments to “Updated Golden Rules”

  1. Gail Jenson says:

    For what’s its worth, since I don’t feel like anyone listens to the people that voted you in. We are very disappointed in the healthcare issues. The group that is getting overlooked in getting coverage are a lot of young professionals who are burdened with student loans and trying to get into the job market. My son and his wife are one such example. They are told they make to much to qualify for Medicaid and they don’t make enough to pay for other coverage of other plans because of the student loans they have to pay and low wages? Surely you can understand this. You have people’s life’s and well being in your hands and you don’t seem to care. You have the best healthcare for yourselves, yet the people that pay for it be it us the taxpayers is who you are denying healthcare. How can you justify this?

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