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HB477 Working Group List

Posted in 2011 on Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 4:13 PM 33 Comments

SALT LAKE CITY – Today, legislative leaders announced the creation of a working group charged with bringing Utah’s open records law into the 21st Century.  Their first meeting will be Wednesday, March 23rd at 9 a.m. [Update: in Senate Building Room 210]. [Update 2: Link.]

The group will include the following.

House of Representatives:

John Dougall – Utah State Representative
Holly Richardson – Utah State Representative
Brian King – Utah State Representative
Steve Handy – Utah State Representative


Steve Urquhart – Utah State Senator
Curt Bramble – Utah State Senator
Stuart Adams – Utah State Senator
Patricia Jones – Utah State Senator

Governor’s Office:

John Pearce – General Counsel

Attorney General’s Office:

Laura Lockhart – Assistant Attorney General

League of Cities and Towns:

Mark Johnson – Ogden City

Traditional Media:

Randy Wright – Daily Herald
Linda Peterson – Valley Journals
Geoff Liesik – Uintah Basin Standard
Paul Edwards – Deseret Media Group
Jeff Hunt – Utah Media Coalition

New Media:

Jason Williams – KVNU-FTP host and blogger
Jesse Stay – Social media technologies consultant
LaVarr Webb – Utah Policy Daily

Public Members:

Michael Wilkins – Former Supreme Court Justice
Janet Frank – Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
Liu Vakapuna – SLCC Student Body President
David Kirkham – Tea Party Leader
Phil Windley – Web & Technology Pioneer
Lane Beattie – Salt Lake Chamber

Lane Beattie has been asked to facilitate the process as chair.  Other interested parties are invited to participate in partnership with these group members and online, at a website to be constructed at (or

The group will bring their proposals to a legislative interim committee, in anticipation of a special session.

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33 Comments to “HB477 Working Group List”

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  2. Matt says:

    Um, not a single representative of a nonprofit organization that uses GRAMA? No advocates/activists? Where do you think those 400 people who raised heck in the plaza and marched into the Capitol came from? We use GRAMA all the time — and unlike the media, don’t have lawyers. An appalling oversight.

    • lizdehart says:

      No private citizens, non-profits or Democrats. A real “working’ group you have there. /sarcasm.

      • FreedomMonger says:

        Brian King and Pat Jones are Democrats. The legislators have to create the ILLUISION of openness and transparency, now that they know everyone is watching. Too bad they didn’t try that during the session.

      • Look again... says:

        Perhaps you should read the page again. I assume both Representative King and Senator Jones would disagree with with your assertion that there are no Democrats on the working group.

        You apparently also overlooked the section tiled “Public Members”
        Michael Wilkins – Former Supreme Court Justice
        Janet Frank – Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
        Liu Vakapuna – SLCC Student Body President
        David Kirkham – Tea Party Leader
        Phil Windley – Web & Technology Pioneer
        Lane Beattie – Salt Lake Chamber

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  5. As a private citizen advocate, , I have used GRAMA laws for over ten years. I would very much like to participate in this forum.

  6. As a private citizen, I would very much like to participate in the discussion process. I have used the GRAMA laws for nearly ten years and I have voluminous documents from various cities, counties and State agencies all of which might be instructive,

  7. @Utah_Guru says:

    Utah Legislature Politicians lead the way with HB477 exemption of Sexting protection, video illustration;

  8. Adano says:

    Nice snub of the Tribune, there.

  9. LADD BRUBAKER says:

    Again, the BEST SOLUTION is an INDEPENDENT STATE AGENCY of PUBLIC RECORDS to collect, redact, sort, organize, and make public records easily accessible to the public.

    We SHOULDN’T HAVE to GRAMA request, and jump through a bunch of BUREAUCRAT-ESE to ACCESS OUR RECORDS. This is the great information age–this is the last, best hope for representative democracy. Information, like power, must be dispersed to the maximum extent practicable.

    We’re not looking for anyone’s personal dirt inadvertently disseminated over state-owned electronic media devices. But easy, quick access to all of OUR public records would be nice. The state needs to spend more, NOT less on making public records accessible to their owners–US!

    This is what’s done for ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS PUBLIC–parks, schools, buildings, libraries, liquor stores, poll locations, government service–WHY NOT RECORDS????

    Here’s the crux of the matter–a record created by public officials that doesn’t fit into some clear reason for remaining confidential (and GRAMA already spells out those cases), is PUBLIC. That means WE OWN IT! Cutting back what WE own, making it cost more to access, would be like charging full tuition for public schools.

    HAVEN’T REPUBLICANS TAKEN ENOUGH PUBLIC GOODS OUT OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN???? That’s what’s meant by the phrase “common welfare,” in the preamble to the Constitution. That’s where the word “commonwealth” comes from.

    Funny, how tea partyers don’t like to emphasize that phrase in THEIR selectively PRECIOUS CONSTITUTION.

    Don’t let the Legislature erode the public, common wealth–OUR wealth, OUR information. Demand the government better serve us and the future of representative democracy by spending more of OUR MONEY to make OUR RECORDS more, NOT LESS available.

    And while we’re at it, let’s demand an independent redistricting commission, as well. Time to end this MAOIST ONE-PARTY RULE!!!!

    Ladd Brubaker
    University of Utah journalism student

  10. FreedomMonger says:

    1. HB 477 should be repealed now. It is a disgrace.

    2. Putting John Dougall on the list is a big mistake. He either came up with the idea for this disgrace, or more likely, was an unwitting pawn of those who want to govern in secret. Either way, he was complicit in the whole mess and should be kept far away from the effort to correct the problem.

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  12. Kathy says:

    HOW do I sign up for notices of the meetings of this Work Group?

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  14. Catherine Taylor says:

    Will the meetings be public, published, and recorded and available on the Legislative website. This would be very helpful.

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  19. Scott Smith says:

    Open all records and open all the doors. Nothing our state government does should be kept from the citizens that employ them. What are they trying to hide?

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  23. Lorna Rosenstein says:

    Please add the link GRAMA REVISITED to this site and make it easily seen. I doubt many know how to find this.

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  27. Sean Giusto says:

    Hmm, I never thought about it that way. I do see your point but I believe numerous will disagree

  28. […] *Before the bill is even repealed, the new 25-member working group will have had their first meeting. It will be Wednesday morning at 9 am. I’m looking forward to a vibrant, robust, respectful debate. Senate Site […]

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