The Senate Site Slice of #uted history

Slice of #uted history

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The Salt Lake Tribune wrote:

“. . . probably the worst blow to public education funding was a Legislature-promoted constitutional amendment in 1996 that allows income tax revenue to be used, not just for public education as previously mandated, but also for higher education.”

Interestingly, this 1996 amendment was also promoted by. . .  the Salt Lake Tribune.  Here’s a tweet:

@mrmrv: @sltrib’s short memory: On 11/3/1996, SLTrib endorsed letting higher ed get income tax #hypocrisy #utpol #uted #utleg

For those interested in more perspective on Utah’s education challenges, here are some recent discussions:

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Lisa Schenker re: the Utah Foundation report

The Lamentation of Kim Burningham

I’m sure we missed a bunch.  Feel free to add links below. Thanks!

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