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Utah Inauguration 2013

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Monday was a moderately historic day, as our key executive branch leaders took their oath of office. 

They put on a nice program. Here are few shots taken by our intrepid intern before and after the ceremony – for those of you who weren’t able to be there:

And the tweets . . .

  1. The Herbert Inaugural Ceremony about to start. Lets hope for great things for Utah Students as he leads the state. #utpol #uted #garyherbert
  2. Preparing for Gov. Herbert’s Inauguration! At Utah State Capitol.
  3. RT @RobertGehrke: Gov. Gary Herbert arriving for the inauguration. #utpol
  4. Utah, This is the Place. by the One Voice Children’s Choir. #Beautiful #utpol
  5. Gov Herbert’s boys Daniel, Nathan & Bradley sang the National Anthem for the inaugural ceremony. They did a great job. #utpol
  6. Gov Gary Herbert now sworn in for first full term to lead Utah. @kslnewsradio @kslcom #kslpolitics
  7. Today I placed my hand on sacred scripture, & pledged to serve this state & its people to the best of my ability. #utpol #inaugural #utleg
  8. Baby Kathryn is impressed with the inauguration. #utpol
  9. Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings “God Bless America” @governorherbert #inaugural #utpol #utleg
  10. Acoustics of marble dome…bad for TV news. Great for choirs! #utpol
  11. RT @utahgov: Lt. Governor Greg Bell receives Oath of Office: #uted #utpol #utleg
  12. No security checks on the way into the Capitol this morning. A rare situation anymore. Can’t even get into Disneyland w/o bag check #utpol
  13. All statewide elected officials (except Auditor) sworn in. Perhaps Dougall thought he would have to sign a pledge #utpol #utleg
  14. RT @noah_bond: John Swallow just sworn in as Utah’s Attorney General in the Capitol Building #uted #utpol #utleg
  15. Governor Herbert delivers his inaugural address. #utpol
  16. Gov. Gary Herbert gives his inaugural address. #utpol
  17. @GovernorHerbert gives his inauguration speech following incredible music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir #tcot #utpol
  18. “True principles are the surest foothold for good governance.” – Gov. Gary Herbert
  19. Gov. Herbert: we all know the correct path is not always the easiest path. #uted #utleg #utpol
  20. We are STRONGER because of our difficult climb-because from adversity comes strength & from strength comes success #inaugural #utleg #utpol
  21. Gov pushes for unity, courage in cheerleading inaug speech. Says UT econ is getting better. @kslnewsradio @kslcom #utpol
  22. From adversity comes strength and from strength comes success. Not added, from success comes colorful ribbons! #utpol
  23. Herbert acknowledges difficult path ahead. Urges Utahns to have courage. I’m not as concerned about Utah’s future as the gov seems to be.
  24. Whether you’re an 8th generation Utahn, or new to the Beehive State, we ALL stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. #utpol
  25. Mormon Tabernacle Choir now singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” You may disagree, but these guys do not suck. #utpol
  26. Final song by the @mormontabchoir – the incomparable “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Best use of the Capitol rotunda acoustics EVAH #utpol
  27. My new office at the Utah Capitol. #GoCougs
  28. Good to see more and more Utah legislators getting active on Twitter! We might be up to 10% now! :) #utpol
  29. Gov Herbert just made it official with this signature. He said, Utah is the most efficient state in the nation.
  30. Formal signing of the oath. #utpol


We look forward to a great experience working with the Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer and Auditor this session and in the years ahead.


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  1. It’s probably worth noting that one element common to the maintenance of power throughout history was conspicuously absent: war. Up until a few hundred years ago, the power to govern little mountain republics like ours was often maintained or transferred by bloodshed. Our process was a little more peaceful, thankfully. Our system, for all its faults, provides a civil way whereby power is temporarily entrusted to leaders, then transferred to others when their time is up. Worth thinking about.

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