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Majority Caucus

Stuart Adams :: Senate Profile | Email

Curtis S. Bramble :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Twitter | Email

Allen M. Christensen :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Margaret Dayton :: Senate Profile | Email

Wayne Harper :: Senate Profile | Email

Deidre Henderson :: Senate Profile | Twitter | Email

Lyle W. Hillyard :: Senate Profile| Email

David P. Hinkins :: Senate Profile | Email

Scott K. Jenkins :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Peter C. Knudson :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Mark B. Madsen :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Wayne Niederhauser :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Twitter | Email

Ralph Okerlund :: Senate Profile | Email

Aaron Osmond :: Senate Profile | Twitter | LinkedIn | FaceBook | Email

Stuart Reid :: Senate Profile | Email

Brian Shiozawa :: Senate Profile | Email

Howard A. Stephenson :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Twitter | Email

Jerry Stevenson :: Senate Profile | Email

Daniel W. Thatcher :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Stephen H. Urquhart :: Senate Profile | Blog | Twitter | Email

John L. Valentine :: Senate Profile | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email

Kevin Van Tassell :: Senate Profile | Email

Evan Vickers :: Senate Profile | Email

Todd Weiler :: Senate Profile | Blog | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Email

Note: Campaign websites are not listed here. You can Google them.

Minority Caucus

Gene Davis :: Senate Profile | Email

Jim Dabakis :: Senate Profile | Email | Facebook | Twitter

Pat Jones :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Karen Mayne :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email

Luz Robles :: Senate Profile | Facebook | Email


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6 Comments to “All Utah Senators”

  1. rob cordner says:

    We’re broke and we’ve had enough…..This is OUR Country and We want a future for Our Children…
    Vote “Yes” on SB138
    Vote “Yes” on 497 …Senstrum
    Vote “NO!” on SB288 ….Bramble…

    Or we WILL go door to door next election….

    • Glass–Steagall Act is our only hope for America and not becoming a 3rd world country. we must also do away with the current currency. and go back to truly being able to own land we must turn back the clock and rebuild from the founding fathers laws and visions if we are to survive. God help us all because for 1000 years of peace to reign without devastation to 6/7th of the world population. we must do this and now. thank you remember the bankers have taken our freedom and as long as you pay for something even if it be a tax that something is not yours and can be taken at any moment by the powers that be.

  2. Games says:

    Hey…Appreciate this blog. this is a wonderful website buddy and an informative post!!! i am new here and i found this site very interesting and informative. I am curious to read more!

  3. Emily Greco says:

    I am an average Utah citizen and I am a job seeker and a mother of 3. Wondering about changes… like for instance gas prices or the cost of healthcare or the money needed for our schools. I know because of past jobs that the lottery in Idaho pays for the education there; and that is a highly Mormon state. Also, Wyoming oil is what pays for the medicaid program there. In Wyoming there is healthcare for all the citizens of that states even the undocumented people…so, I say lets uncap those oil wells here in Utah and make some money for this state. or how about making the UTA pay at the very least half the taxes? I have am born and raised Utahan however it sickens me that our schools arent getting the money they need or the people, the masses of this great state cant use the oil available to us or even whats available in Wyoming?? I say lets make some jobs for the state. Move the prisons to Tooele County, open up the property in Draper and get building and lets open oil wells let make money available for this great state. There is always the lotto.. if Idaho can do it so can we..
    Let’s change our thinking a little… open up some money…

  4. Darren Brown says:

    While Senator Feinstein’s proposal to ban semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines is garnering the most attention, it is important to note that attacks on our Second Amendment rights are by no means limited to this one proposal.

    As egregious as Sen. Feinstein’s proposal is, as your constituent, I want to urge you to oppose any and all gun control proposals that have been, or will be, introduced. We can expect a barrage of attacks on our Second Amendment rights to include not only gun bans, but: attacks on gun shows; restrictions on the lawful purchase of ammunition; eliminating private transfers of firearms, even between family members; gun owner registration; and more.

    The one thing all of these misguided proposals have in common is they won’t reduce crime. Criminals, by definition, are lawbreakers. They are not deterred by laws against murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., and they won’t be affected by additional gun control laws on top of the tens of thousands of existing laws we have on the books at every governmental level.

    If you truly care about reducing crime and keeping our children safe, I ask you to oppose these gun control bills, and instead focus on improvements to our nation’s mental health system and enhancing security at our schools.

    Again, I urge you to oppose any and all gun control bills, and ensure you focus on those solutions that will actually achieve positive accomplishments, while respecting our Second Amendment rights.

    Please reply to me with your position on these measures. Your votes on these issues will be a major consideration in my future voting decisions.

  5. Volo says:

    Hey man, thanks for the great idea here, following your blog for a while now, usefull stuff man :)

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