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6 Comments to “Suggestion Box”

  1. Lieselotte Symore says:

    This site is so great that i will honor it with my comment :)

    • Ron Jenson says:

      I am in my mid seventies and have heard and watched education for over fifty years cry lack of funds and etc. Yet high school graduates still are short in English, Math and Science just like I was in the late 1950’s. How about using the technological media available today and let the students learn as fast as they want and quite holding them back. Nothing is more boring than waiting for the class to catch up. Using advanced students to help teach reading and math to the slower students sure worked in teachiing high school electronics. They were given an assignment of questions and only one answer sheet was required from each group for completion credit. In one month their reading and comprehenson was greatly improved along with their math skills and in discussion between them they understood better. Sure the class room was not quiet so you could not hear a pin drop. I taught second year apprentice elecdtricians two yeas ago and am disappointed in their attitude in learning a trade. They take no responsiblity in their learning a trade; they feel it is an entitlement and their social life takes priority over llerning. (ball games, vacations, hunting all are more important)

  2. D.C Whit says:

    This suggestion requires effort on those who have been elected to represent the people not the employees of the State. I think the four day work week can be very effective for the residents of the Sate of Utah if those in power would change the day from Friday off to Monday off. Most people don’t even get going till wednesday, and having Monday off would allow the Utah resident to catch up on the week. The longer days in the State buildings help those that work and moving the day to Monday would guarentee that residents would have better access to the county and State offices when needed. AT THE PRESENT WHEN MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY, STATE AND SOME COUNTIES ONLY WORK THREE DAYS IN A TEN DAY SPAN, example, friday off, saturday off, sunday off, monday off, work tuesday, wednesday, thursday, off friday, off saturday, off sunday.

  3. Victoria says:

    Women should be beat and oppressed again.

  4. Karen Bishop says:

    Air Traffic Controllers & Nurses.

    Dear Legislators,

    Medication errors have seriously injured or killed patients. Most recently reported in the media was a healthy newborn a few months ago. Unattended aircraft under visual guidance (VFR) in darkness or bad weather can also be dangerous, being due unfortunately to sleep deprived controllers. Graveyard nurses are impacted by sleep deprivation and endanger more patients on any given night than when various planes are at risk.

    Studies list varied causes and therefore the numbers vary from 100,000’s to over a million cases of medical errors each year. Statistically these errors occur on a daily basis, every several hours. For the sleep deprived controllers, national media sources have identified violations and failures due to work schedules, in spite of Federal Regulations requiring specific minimum “consecutive hours of rest.”

    While reasons can vary, over the years I have also seen that these dangers play out in medicine, specifically due to sleep deprivation leading to impaired performance. In August of last year, our highways were again endangered after a man died on I-215 after driving sleepy from a nursing facility job. I know several workers with near misses of collision on the roads and some with actual collisions. And as with air controllers, sleep is a factor. In Utah, the single most preventable cause of sleep deprivation and interruption of “consecutive hours of rest,” stems from irresponsible nursing managers and employers.

    Imagine for instance, working from 6 a.m. through 6:30pm, arriving home, sleeping later that evening, and then needing to return to work by 6 a.m. for a repeat day. That is tough enough. Now imagine that it is demanded of you to interrupt your night! Return for a 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. middle of night meeting, after which that very morning you must be at work again by 6:00 a.m. Such demands of day staff would be deemed insane and dangerous.
    Day workers in any field ought not to be sleep deprived by non-crucial, routine staff meetings held at 2-4 a.m. in the middle of a night. The reverse for Night Nurses is obvious, but routinely is mandated all over Utah by irresponsible nursing managers. The non essential dissemination of job related content in staff meetings has a proper place, but this may otherwise be planned for & carried in different ways and times.

    These circumstances have been routinely endangering patients and have caused death. Regulatory agencies need to provide specific administrative rules, and the Utah Legislature needs to initiate such a call in order to stop this nonsense immediately. And the override session can be a starting point by issuing a simple non-binding Joint Resolution to publicize the problem. Employer mandated sleep deprivation of nursing staff under threat of termination is unethical, short sighted and must be specifically declared illegal because it kills.

    It is time we stop endangering patients and the public from medical errors, sleeping on the job, and the dangers on our roads to the extent it is preventable by the sleep deprivation. Which at present, employers demand from nurses every single week. And the Utah DOPL, Medicare/Medicaid systems are failures at mandating these risky practices cease. Long before air traffic staff was discovered to be placing lives at risk, due to interrupted sleep, nurses have been placed in positions of greater risk to a larger population base for decades. And most employers remain insensitive, lack the insight and have directly contributed to these problems.

    Nurses individually are unwilling to quantify their personal knowledge of adverse consequences because their jobs or licenses may be endangered as well. It is long overdue, that the Utah Legislature acts on this, even if it begins by a non-binding joint house resolution that will immediately send a message to employers and staff supervisors all around Utah.
    Karen Bishop RN

  5. Alfredo says:

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