The Senate Site Introducing the @UTLEGtracker

Introducing the @UTLEGtracker

Posted in 2013, Featured on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 12:31 PM 1 Comments

What if every single action taken by the Utah Legislature triggered a tweet?

Well, gentle citizen, let us introduce you to @UTLEGtracker, our latest experiment in connecting citizens to government.  This automated account will tweet #utleg actions almost live, as they are entered into the database.

Every committee.  Every agenda item.  Every action.  Every vote.

Each committee, chamber, and bill will have a unique hashtag, but we’ll stay away from #utleg and #utpol.  The tweets will be multitudinous so instead of following the account you might want to follow specific hashtags.   To track action on either chamber floor, for example, just follow the hashtags #UTSenate and #UTHouse.  Each bill and committee will have unique hashtags.  Each tweet has a timestamp so you can filter for chronological proximity and relevance.

It’s not human.

We’re beta-testing during the 2014 Session.  Do you have feedback?  Let us know here, or  tweet it to @utahsenate or @utahreps.

Happy Session, all!


More info on Vox Populi, the Utah House blog.






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1 Comments to “Introducing the @UTLEGtracker”

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