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Recognizing Veterans

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We had a tender moment on the Senate floor

this morning as Senator Bramble introduced SCR6 (Concurrent Resolution Supporting Vietnam).

  The Bill text says it best:

” This resolution expresses strong support for all military personnel who served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War, no matter the political affiliation and disagreements over the Vietnam War, and calls on all Americans to show that support to all those who wear the uniform; offers a heartfelt, belated welcome home and expression of gratitude to all Vietnam War military personnel; and urges communities across the state of Utah to consider appropriate expressions of support and recognition for Vietnam veterans living in their midst.” (SCR6

Several Senators stood in support of this bill and offered kind words towards these heroes and also shared stories of their own. A quick quote from each of those who shared:

Senator Jenkins: 

Senator Davis shared a Vietnam Veteran’s story about a little boy in World War 2 who decided he wanted to grow up like his father and be a marine. This “little boy” later served in the Vietnam War. Senator Davis shares the rest of his story during his regards.  (See in post below)

Senator Knudson: “I sampled what you might called something like what  the Senator (Jenkins) told us a few minutes ago about the hatred that was rampled in our country. We used to feel comfortable putting on license plates that we were members of the military. By doing this though we only became targets. It was a real experience, something that will never leave my memory for sure.”

Senator Bramble then gave a closing statement: “Be it further resolved that the Legislature and the Governor welcome you, our Vietnam War veterans, home – 50 years too late, but with heartfelt gratitude for your service. Be it further resolved that the Legislature and the Governor urge communities across the state to consider appropriate expressions of support and recognition for Vietnam veterans living in their midst.” (Bill text of SCR6)

To watch each of the Senators statements, we’ve posted the whole floor time segment below.

On behalf of all Utah State Senators, we would like to thank those who have served our country. It is because of you that we are free today!

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