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You can peruse old blog entries, below. It's never too late to leave a comment. Especially if it's written in haiku.

2006 Legislative Session

$100 Million Dollars (audio)

$479 Million Dollars (audio & PDF)

63 to 54

A Few Thoughts

Aggie Ice Cream

Audit Reports

A Glance Toward November

A Lasting Return For Our Natural Resources

Ambush Alley

Big Budget Numbers

Bishop Niederhauer

Base Budgets?

Budgeting Process

Calm Before the Storm

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Courage and Foresight

Dixie Says Thanks

Driving Privilege Card

Evolution of a Bill

Extra Window

Good Old Fashioned Federalism

GRAMA Task Force

Hanging Up The Wrench... For Now.

Identity Fraud Protection

In a Nutshell: Credit Freeze Vote (audio)

In a Nutshell: Legislature Goes Red (audio)

In a Nutshell: Observations (audio)

In a Nutshell: Tax Cut vs. Tax Reform (audio)

In a Nutshell: What to Build in '06 (audio & PDF)

In Case You Missed It


Incoming Torpedo

It's YOUR government. Listen in.

Jail Funding Crisis

Legacy Hits a Speed Bump

McCoy Amendment to SB 70

New Trib Blog

On The Record With Chris Vanocur

Parallel Tax Reform Bills

Politics1 Award

Refuge for the Oppressed and Weary

Removing the Tax On Food

Report Card for Cities and Towns

Responsibilities of Parenthood

Restoring the Appropriate Balance of Power

Session Perspective

Smoke Free in 2006

Smokin' Issue

So, It Begins

Tax Cut Position

The United STATES

Toll Roads?

Tom Barberi Hearts the Senate




Visit from the Bishop

We Know More

Who said we don't believe in Darwin?

Who wants a big, fat tax cut?

You still might want to think twice . . .




2005 Interim

Brigham Young?

Big Budget Numbers

Building Roads

Camp Williams


China - Part II

Chief Clerk of the House

Chris Buttars Bill

Courage and Foresight

Cutting the Tax on Food (audio)

Decision on HB 213

Decriminalizing Free Speech

Early Base Budget Approval

Evolution Curriculum: Bill Text

Garden Work

GRAMA Task Force

GRAMA Revisions: Setting the Record Straight

Happy Birthday Steve Urquhart!

Haunted House

Inside Utah (.com) (audio)

Insomnia? Try This

Intelligent Design

Judge Walton Confirmation (audio)

LaVarr on Tax Reform

LEGACY APPROVED: Long Strange Trip

Legacy: Debunking A Few Myths

Legacy Parkway Agreement

Legacy Parkway Talks

Legislative Site Visit - 2005

License Plates

Mansell Leads Aid Efforts

Mexican Ambassador Visit

New Chief Clerk

Preferred Drug List

President Valentine Radio Interview (audio)

Projecting Revenue

Republican Women's PAC

Reed Bullen

Refiner's Fire for Tax Reform

Reporters Privilege

Retirement Funding

Run for Congress?


Senate Confirmations - August

Special Session, 11/9/05

Streamlined Sales Tax

Tax On Food

Tax Reform Discussions

Tax Reform - Op Ed

Tax Reform - Public Hearings Schedule

Tax Reform - The Governor's Proposal

Tax Reform - Upcoming Public Hearings

Tax Review Commission

Teaching Evolution


Thanksgiving 2005

Times They Are A-Changin'

Tort Reform

Utah's Winning Women

Valentine: Rescue Guy

Web site: Best in the Nation

Welcome Home

Western States Primary

Western States Primary: February 5

Western States Primary: NM Press Release

Western States Presidential Primary



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