Senator D. Chris Buttars

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District 10 :: South Jordan, West Jordan, and Herriman

I've always believed that people holding public office best serve their constituents by talking straight. I suppose it's impossible that people will agree on everything but the people in my district have never had to guess where I stand.

I promised them that whenever people move to erode the traditional moral strength of our families and country, I would move to stop them. I'm concerned when anything and everything relating to God is being swept out of our public discourse. This is especially troubling to me given that our nations stability, strength and entire canon of law is derived from from traditional religious beliefs and values.

These moral absolutes are the foundation of our country. Remove them and all you have is an endless discussion of opinion that shifts and moves as often as the wind changes. It is my opinion that our Constitution means what the Founders intended and shouldn't be changed everytime someone comes along with a whim and an agenda.

If you want to discuss these or any other issue, please E-mail me.

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