Senator Al Mansell

Senator Al Mansell, center, consults a Magic Eight Ball for answers during a press conference at the Capitol. John Valentine and Ric Cantrell stand behind.

Picture taken by Jeremy Harmon of the Daily Herald.

District 9 :: Sandy and Draper

The Realtor Magazine profile described Al Mansell like this:

There’s more than a little paradox in Al Mansell. He cherishes family but admits he’s not the sentimental sort. He’s soft-spoken but not soft; in a confrontation, he’ll say exactly what’s on his mind. Still, he respects others’ opinions. “In the end, issues are just issues; people matter more,” he says. Above all, he has the ability to put business first when necessary.

Margurite, his wife of nearly 40 years, say he was always driven to succeed. “It was one of the things that attracted me to him—his work ethic.”

To contact President Mansell, please send an E-mail message.





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