senate president Michael Waddoups

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District 6 :: Taylorsville and West Jordan

My wife, Anna Kay, and I have lived in the Taylorsville/West Jordan area for 28 years. I am the owner and manager of my own property management firm. I know first hand what it takes to meet a payroll, comply with government regulations and still support a family.

A few issues that are important to me:

Public Safety: All citizens have a right to be safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods. We need more than new laws in the fight against crime. We need to take the handcuffs off law enforcement and give them the support and tools they need to keep us safe.

Efficiency in Government: I believe in restricting the growth of government, better utilization of existing funds, and privatization of government functions where appropriate. I have been a leader in developing responsible taxation policies which include limiting taxes without cutting proven programs.

Education is and always will be the number one concern in Utah. Seventy percent of our state budget goes to education. We need to utilize every penny to its fullest capacity. Each student deserves the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education and the promise of a bright future.

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