Senator Carlene Walker

Carlene Walker with grandkids

Official Profile


Senate District 8 :: Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Midvale

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my life at this point than serving in the Utah State Senate. I dedicate approximately 30 hours every week, year around, to meeting with constituents, fulfilling various board and committee assignments, and legislative research for bills.

Being a senator is challenging, but my goal is to make a difference for my constituents and the State of Utah.

One of my highest priorities is protecting citizens from identity fraud by controlling the use of their own credit reports and requiring companies to notify people if their personal information has been compromised. Keeping families safe from drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also a high priority.

My favorite pastime is any event with my husband, four children and nine grandchildren. My family is my inspiration and I find my greatest joy in time spent with them.

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