Senate Mobile

If you do it right, it looks like this.

DY wnt txt msgs frm d sen8?

You love representative democracy. But keeping up takes too long. Well, fret no longer. You can sign up for updates on your cell phone.

1. Text the word Senate to 83043.

2. You'll receive a confirmation message.

3. You'll start receiving periodic updates.

4. You can get those updates immediately, anytime, by resending the word 'Senate' to 83043.

5. Media reps can text the word News to the same number (83043) to get breaking info and last-minute details on unscheduled media availability, press conferences, etc.

6. To opt out just text the word Stop to the same number.

Easy as pie.

Special thanks to revolutionaries Jeremy Po and Hugh Bryant Plautz at Vox Partners, Inc. who caught the vision and threw gasoline on the Government 2.0 fire.

Call Ric Cantrell if you have questions: 801-538-1407.

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